Green Initiatives

At Devonshire Mall we believe that a responsible team, determination and a belief in the need to improve not only our immediate environment but our community is important to any sustainability program. Working together for a greener tomorrow is definitely the key to our success.

eBike Solar Charging Station

A solar charging station designed to recharge your eBike.  Located at the the entrance off of Howard, beside Old Navy.

Solar Charging Bench

A seating area with the capability of charging your mobile devices, tablets and laptops.  This unit has two 15amp outlets for your convenience.  Located at the the entrance off of Howard, beside Old Navy.


Product which flows through Devonshire Mall is carefully examined as to its recyclable potential. As with all shopping centres, the diversity of waste produced on site is akin to handling the waste of a micro city. Household chemicals, biological waste, wooden skids, plastic, cardboard, packaging (non-perishable and consumer) and construction waste are just a few of the products that Devonshire Mall sorts on an ongoing basis. Using local partners, all materials are handled properly and efficiently, ensuring accountability on an annual basis.

A mandatory Retailer Waste Recycling Program was also implemented as an internal recycling program to help streamline the waste collection process through yearly education programs for the tenants.

Working with our centre’s management team, retailers and local community partners, we have had great success in our eWaste Recycling Day, alkaline battery and cell phone recycling programs diverting materials from landfills. Our recycling efforts demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and green planning and certainly sets the tone for our retailers and our community. Every year, these initiatives help divert a considerable amount of recyclable material from landfill sites.

Energy Efficiency

Devonshire Mall strives to attain higher energy efficiency standards through environmental building control systems, environmentally friendly lighting, efficient heating solutions and other initiatives.

Environmental Compliance

Through its environmental management program, Devonshire Mall closely monitors environmental compliance in our Centre. We have also strengthened the language in our standard lease document, which outlines tenants’ obligations with regard to environmental legislation.


2007-RCO Bronze

2008-RCO Bronze

2009- RCO Gold

2009- ICSC Marketing Excellence for E-Waste Event

2010- BOMA Best Certification Level 3

2010- RCO Silver

2011- RCO Silver

1012- Chamber of Commerce "Go Green” Finalist

2013- RCO Bronze

2014- RCO silver and silver Communications

2015-RCO Gold

2015- ERCA conservation award Environmental Achievement

2016- BOMA Gold 86%

2016- LEAP Award "Innovation in Sustainability”

2016- ACT Award "Sustainability Achievement in Community Engagement”